Pacman cartoon-1983

Pac-Man in his cartoon desighn

Pac-Man is a character from the 1980 aracde ga,e & video game series of the same name & has become the most popular video game ever that he even had his own cartoon show by Hanna Barbera.


Opening Sequence- Pac-Man is seen with his wife Ms. Pac-Man.

The Good Eleven- Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, & the Ghost Monsters are feautred in this song.

The Preamble- Pac-Man & the ghosts are featured in this song.

Unpack Your Adjectives- Pac-Man appears replacing the turtle along with Ms. Pac-Man being both the backpacker & the tall girl.

The Energy Blues- Pac-Man appears replacing the talking earth.
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Pac-Man's 8-bit desighn

Dollors & Sence- Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man are featured in the song, were Pac-Man is the banker.

Logo og the series